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Electric Service Handbook


Pages: Load Management Guide Wiring Diagrams

Load Control Receiver Wiring Guide Drawings
The following wiring diagrams are showing the typical way the load management receiver is wired for each type of equipment. It is important to note that these guide drawings are showing a typical installation. Your actual installation may require a different configuration, to ensure a safe installation, please consult with an expert in the NEC (National Electrical Code) requirements.
Installations without sub-metering
Sub-Metered Installations without CT's (Current transformers)
                      Electric Vehicle Charger 120V (DIA-5EV-120)
Sub-Metered Installations with CT's (Current Transformers)
                       Central Air and Water Heater (DIA-7)
                       Central Air, Water Heater and Electric Heat (DIA-9)
                       Central Air, Water Heater and Electric Vehicle (DIA-9EV)
                       Electric Heat, Central Air and Storage Heat (DIA-10A)
                       Central Air and Storage Heat (DIA-10C)
                       Central Air, Water Heater and Elect Boiler (DIA-10D)
                       Multiple AC units (DIA-12)
                       Multiple AC units and Water Heater (DIA-13)
                       Central Air and Hot Tub (DIA-14)
                       Central Air, Hot Tub and Pool Pump (DIA-14A)
Misc Guide Drawings
Time of Use Metering
                        Electric Vehicle Charger 120V (DIA-50-120)